rtc.io: A node.js toolbox for WebRTC

Silvia Pfeiffer, NICTA

Real-Time Communication

  1. P2P Video / Audio / Data

    browser-to-browser ; open source code stack

  2. Plugin-free in browser

    Native JavaScript API

  3. Higher quality of service

    Low latency, modern codecs, encryption, firewalls

WebRTC Overview

webrtc graph with web server, signalling server and two peers

NICTA project: http://rtc.io

rtcio mascot

Main author: Damon Oehlman

  • Meet Artsio
  • Artsio simplifies coding on client
  • Artsio provides node.js modules
  • including a signaling server

1. Fully declarative
video connection

artsio My simplest HTML page

<meta name="rtc-signalhost" content="http://rtc.io/switchboard/">

<video id="local" rtc-capture="camera" muted></video>
<video rtc-peer rtc-stream="local"></video>

<script src="glue.js"></script>

Download glue.js from rtc-glue: https://raw.github.com/rtc-io/rtc-glue/master/dist/glue.js

No JavaScript coding - fully declarative!

Check out chrome://webrtc-internals

Demo app for rtc-glue


screenshot of rtcio-demo-peerconnection

2. Running a
Signalling Server

artsio rtc-switchboard is my
node.js signalling server

var server = require('http').createServer();
var switchboard = require('rtc-switchboard')(server);
var port = 50000;

// start the server
server.listen(port, function(err) {
  if (err) {
    return console.log('Error starting server: ', err);
  console.log('server running on port: ' + port);

Uses http://primus.io as websocket server (abstraction layer from real-time node frameworks such as socket.io or engine.io).

Demo application for


screenshot of rtcio-demo-signaller

3. Node.js based
Peer Connection

artsio More control
client-side (JS only)

rtc-media and rtc-quickconnect demo

var quickconnect = require('rtc-quickconnect');
var media = require('rtc-media');

var local = createElement('div', { class: 'local' });
var remote = createElement('div', { class: 'remote' });

var localMedia = media();

function handleConnect(conn, id, data, monitor) {
  conn.addEventListener('addstream', function(evt) {

quickconnect({ data: true, ns: 'conftest', signalhost: 'http://rtc.io/switchboard/' })
  .on('peer', handleConnect)
  .on('leave', handleLeave);

Demo application for


screenshot of rtcio-demo-quickconnect

4. Node.js based
P2P data exchange

artsio When I only need
a data channel

rtc-mesh demo

var mesh = require('rtc-mesh');

mesh.join('meshdemo-simple', function(err, m) {
  if (err) {
    return console.error('could not connect: ', err);

  m.on('data:update', function(key, value) {
    console.log('key: ' + key + ', set to: ', value);

  // update the last join time for the shared data
  m.data.set('lastjoin', Date.now());

Demo app for rtc-mesh


screenshot of rtcio-demo-mesh

5. Dealing with Firewalls

STUN server:
resolve IP address

screenshot of rtc connection using STUN

TURN server:
stream forwarding

screenshot of rtc connection using TURN

Software to run
STUN/TURN servers

Including STUN/TURN info
into the peer connection

var pc_config = {
    {'url': 'stun:stun.l.google.com:19302'},
    {'url': 'turn:',
     'credential': 'JZEOEt2V3Qb0y27GRntt2u2PAYA=',
     'username': '28224511:1379330808'
    {'url': 'turn:',
     'credential': 'JZEOEt2V3Qb0y27GRntt2u2PAYA=',
     'username': '28224511:1379330808'

pc = new RTCPeerConnection(pc_config);


rtcio mascot

WebRTC spec: http://www.w3.org/TR/webrtc/


Email: silvia.pfeiffer@nicta.com.au

Email: damon.oehlman@nicta.com.au

Slides: http://html5videoguide.net/presentations/lca_2014_webrtc/


Project: https://rtc.io/

GitHub: https://github.com/rtc-io

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